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Epic War 4

2013-06-27 01:48:23 by zarler34

Fourth part of the epic battle, is a veritable epic strategy game in the background on the battlefields of the middle ages, in the Orcish army confronted the us, and each one guarding your Castle, ready to launch a military attack. Players can smash the enemy's Castle will win if our Castle is compromised will be game over. Army attack is shooting and production, production units, or other skills are needed when Mana, call of duty, the higher the level of forces or skills will consume more Mana. Mana can be seen in the middle of the screen, usually will gradually increase, down with the enemies will also increase. After the end of each Commissioner would have the experience to develop skills and classes, to research and development must be to ready themselves, research and development in a large map of "RESEARCH" menu, each skill and class research level 5. Can not win back points before you can go back to the checkpoint training experience. A total of 18 games, the last three rounds-villain, there would be a fierce battle. 7426/

Epic War 4


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